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Over the past three years, Pam Fleming was the primary recruiter for Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy, Inc. Pam did an excellent job of building a recruiting program for our fast growth company. During the time that Pam worked with us, we expanded from four retail pharmacies to twenty-three. Pam single handedly recruited managers, pharmacists and staff for these locations. She grasped our concept very quickly and provided highly qualified candidates on a timely basis.
Pam worked remotely and communicated very effectively. She is a self-starter and will go the extra mile to take care of the problem. She is very cost-conscious and managed our resources as if they were her own. I could always count on Pam to get the job done, and found her to be the ideal recruiting partner.
I would highly recommend Pam Fleming as the work performance and results were superior in a very fast-paced environment.

Nancy Hoopes

Vice President, Human Resources

Below is the list of contributions that Pamela Fleming with On-DemandTM has brought to IT recruiting. She has certainly made very positive impact on our successful recruiting efforts in the Software Development group.

  1. Understanding IT roles, responsibilities, and required skills – Pam has a solid understanding of the fundamental principles, practices and procedures related to developing software applications. She also understands the basic qualifications (eg., Object oriented programming, Agile development methodology, C#, .Net, ASP .Net, SQL) required for each open position.
  2. Understanding the IT career path – Pam knows what each role in IT performs and where each open position and candidate fits within the new IT career path. This is especially important when determining what recruiting techniques to use for placing candidates in Software Engineer 1, Software Engineer 2, and Principal Software Engineer positions.
  3. Identifying quality candidates – Pam uses her extensive network of contacts and resources to search the globe for qualified candidates. She has been keeping the candidate ‘pipeline’ full with well qualified candidates and is using our 12 month staffing plan to plan ahead and search for candidates to fill expected open positions.
  4. Pre-screening – Pam is improving the quality of candidates that IT interviews by pre-screening candidates to get a good basic understanding of their technical and communication skills. She has also set up a process whereby the hiring Manager and technical interview team will also pre-screen the candidate to determine if the candidate has the appropriate skills to be brought in for an on-site interview.
  5. Instituted candidate testing utilizing Reviewnet – Pam has instituted a standardized testing process for all candidates that tests the technical skills (C#, .Net, ASP.Net, SQL, Javascript, WCF, WPF…) required within the software development group. The test results assist in determining the skill level of the candidate and whether the candidate is suited for the open position.
  6. Instituted an interview loop process – Pam has significantly improved the interview process by streamlining the on-site candidate interview cycle and instituting an interview loop which can be completed in a half day. This new interview loop completely covers all the technical, leadership, and cultural interview requirements.
  7. Roundtable discussion – Pam has set up a formal roundtable discussion at the conclusion of the candidate interview loop with all of the interviewers to determine if the candidate is a fit for the open position. Each interviewer provides feedback and a decision is made as to whether an offer will be extended or further interviewing is necessary.
  8. Negotiating salaries and benefits – Once a decision is made to extend an offer to a candidate, Pam will work with the hiring manager to develop an appropriate compensation package to offer the candidate. Pam has an excellent understanding of the IT salary requirements and industry expectations for each open position, and once the offer is approved by the company, she will work diligently with the candidate to extend the offer and will negotiate as appropriate.
  9. Helping to move requisitions and job offers through the approval process – When a decision is made to open a requisition in IT, Pam will help move the requisition through the signature process and ensure that it appropriate and signed in a timely manner. She will also ‘walk’ job offers through the signature process to ensure that an offer can be made quickly to qualified candidates.
  10. Tracking the applicant flow log – Pam keeps track of the status of each candidate through her applicant tracking log. This applicant tracking log is reviewed with the hiring Managers and Directors on a regular basis and contains the list of candidates, scheduled interview dates, offer status, start dates, hiring group, and whether the candidate is local.
  11. Travel and moving – Once the offer is made to the candidate, Pam does a great job of working with candidate to secure temporary housing if needed and arranges for the moving of personal belongings.
  12. Working with legal as needed – Pam also has taken the responsibility to work with the legal group when a candidate requires a H1B transfer. This has helped to alleviate the hiring Manager from having to conduct negotiations with the candidate and legal group.

Pam has done a tremendous job of instituting the IT, and specifically the Software Development, processes for identifying exceptional candidates to fill our open positions. She has set up a solid interview loop which includes pre-screening, candidate testing, concise interviews, and roundtable discussion to ensure we select the very best candidates.

David Schrack

Director of Development

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